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Our love affair with Tennessee Red’s

Our love affair with Tennessee Red's

The bar “around the corner” from the Shoebox, more formally known as Tennessee Red’s, is known for its barbecue menu and delicious comfort foods like fried mac and cheese bites, chicken wings, and hamburgers. They’ve hosted many an opening night party, closing night shindig, and post-tech decompress for NWCTC. We’re excited to host our 2nd Annual Billy Awards and Season Announcement there for two years running. We recommend the frickles.

Above: company member Melissa Whitney.

Photo by Jason Maniccia, copyright 2014.

Seventeenth Season Announcement Party on Monday!

Seventeenth Season Announcement Party on Monday!

Seventeenth Season Announcement Party

Monday, June 30th at 7pm

Tennessee Red’s Restaurant

Above: Company members Deanna Wells and Tom Walton

Photo by Jason Maniccia, 2014.

Seventeeth Season Announcement Party

Seventeeth Season Announcement Party