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Bob Hicks on Richard III

Bob Hicks on Richard III

Bob Hicks of Oregon Arts Watch beautifully summarizes our upcoming production of Richard III and the themes that Barry Kyle has stretched through this complex, layered play in our contemporary production.

Jason Maniccia on director Barry Kyle

Barry Kyle2

Barry Kyle is a freak.

Where other directors take time off, Barry Kyle works through.

Where other directors let things slide, Barry Kyle persists.

Where other directors let things sort themselves out, Barry Kyle creates a solution.

The words they don’t understand, Barry understands. The history they haven’t researched, Barry knows.

He fills his stillness with as much purpose as his movement. He gives his silence as much meaning as his dialogue.

He is attentive, warm, gracious – and just fearsome enough to get your attention when crossed.

He’s never better than the play. He’s never smarter than Shakespeare. He is at once respectful and irreverent. He knows every word, every character, every relationship, every moment. He is as serious as he is playful, as flexible as he is strict. His every direction is in service of engaging the audience and telling the story. He works with passion and without prejudice. He is an endless font of information and ideas. He bars no holds; he will try anything and everything, and then set about sorting the wheat from the chaff.

I’m telling you, the guy’s a freak.

This production is high risk, and one of the tricky things for an actor in a high-risk production is: you just don’t know. Is it working or is it disaster? Is it genius or is it crap?

Well, I know the answer this time. Y’know how I know? ‘Cause Barry Kyle is a freak.

See you there.

-Jason Maniccia, Kind Edward and Bishop of Ely