MaidsTragedy Front-Final

NWCTC and renowned director Barry Kyle shift gears as they plan to stage a rarely seen Jacobean revenge play—THE MAIDS’ TRAGEDY.

After considerable deliberation, the Northwest Classical Theatre Company and award-winning director Barry Kyle have opted to postpone their upcoming production of Henry VI, by William Shakespeare. Instead, the company will produce the rarely performed revenge story THE MAIDS’ TRAGEDY written by Shakespeare contemporaries Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.

About the play

A soldier (Melantius), who places honor above all other virtues, returns from battle to discover his sister (Evadne) is betrothed to his best friend (Amintor) at the behest of the King—despite the fact his friend has already sworn his love to another woman (Aspatia). On the night of their wedding it is revealed that the King has arranged the marriage to hide a dark secret, the revelation of which sets off a chain of events that touches every character in the play.

About the production

THE MAIDS’ TRAGEDY is the second production in NWCTC’s 17th “Season of Ambition.” It is the first time the company has performed a work by one of Shakespeare’s dramatic contemporaries, but certainly not director Kyle’s first experience with the play. Kyle has directed the title both at the Royal Shakespeare Company (with Sinead Cusack and Tom Wilkinson in his original cast), and in Washington D.C. He has also staged work by John Fletcher, Ben Johnson, Thomas Dekker, and Thomas Middleton.


• John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont replaced William Shakespeare as house playwrights for the Globe Theatre. This play is believed to have been written in 1611—the year of Shakespeare’s retirement.

• The play is considered somewhat of an anomaly among Jacobean tragedies, as it has a completely original plot.

• THE MAIDS’ TRAGEDY will mark Barry Kyle’s second collaboration with NWCTC. He directed last season’s smash hit Richard III.

• THE MAIDS’ TRAGEDY features NWCTC members Tom Walton, Brenan Dwyer, Melissa Whitney, Jason Maniccia, and Grant Byington. It is the final production for outgoing Artistic Director Grant Turner.

Northwest Classical Theatre Company presents:


By Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

Directed by Barry Kyle

December 5, 2014 to January 4, 2015

At the Shoebox Theatre

2110 SE 10th Avenue

Portland, OR 97214

Tickets are $22 General/$20 Student/Senior at

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