Lion in Winter Quiz – Win a comp ticket!

Preshow pop quiz!  History offers us no words from Eleanor’s lips, but in Lion in Winter, she invokes Héloïse and Abélard – France’s fiercely intelligent, doomed lovers forced to live cloistered and apart after their affair explodes into violence.  The stunning, wondrous letters between Héloïse and Abélard, written only 50 years before our play takes place, have survived (  Héloïse’ pen shines a light on what a viscerally passionate woman like Eleanor might have felt when imprisoned by her Henry for the long years before Act I, Scene 1.

Test your literary skills!  Of these mirror-image passages, which belong to 12th Century Heloise and which are Goldman’s invention for his Eleanor?  One comp ticket goes to the first person who emails the quiz moderator (email redacted for privacy purposes!) with 100% (you’re on the honor system!). Answers will be posted December 1.

1. (a) “You preserve me from death in order that I may die daily.”

    (b) “To be bricked up when I’ve known the world – I’ll never know how I’ve survived.”

2. (a) “I conjure you by the chains I bear.”

    (b) “Can’t you feel the chains? “

3. (a) “Death is less dangerous than beauty.”

    (b) “Death is a lark.  It’s life that stings.”

4. (a) “We shattered the Commandments on the spot.”

    (b) “But what could resist you?”

5. (a) “Do you suspect that, like Lot’s wife, I shall look back?”

    (b) “I can’t.  I’d turn to salt.”

6. (a) “I still have a thousand passions left to fight.”

    (b) “What would you have me do?  Give out, give up, give in?”

7. (a) “For a little quiet, for an end to this, for God’s sake, lock me up and lose the key.”

    (b) “I came here to ruin myself in a perpetual imprisonment that I might make you live quietly and at ease.”

8. (a) “I buried myself alive.”

    (b) “You’ve lived with everything I’ve lost.”

9. (a) “Is it rich despising me?  Is it rewarding?”

    (b) “A love so like to hatred.”

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2 thoughts on “Lion in Winter Quiz – Win a comp ticket!

  1. Dave Worth November 24, 2013 at 4:44 pm Reply

    Ok I’ll take a shot at it…. Goldman’s are …. 1)B 2)B 3)B 4)A 5)A 6)B 7)B 8)A 9)A
    Dave Worth

  2. Marilyn S. November 25, 2013 at 12:48 pm Reply

    Dave, thanks for responding! Close, but no mulled wine for you this time! Let me know when you’re coming the show, and I’ll buy you a coffee or cookie.

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