Director Elizabeth Huffman on Rehearsing Lion in Winter

When you have actors this good, the play sort of directs itself.  As we enter into our final two weeks, the entire cast is bringing on their A game, led with great skill and wit by the two formidable stage veterans Victor Mack and Marilyn Stacey. They, and all the designers,are all collaborating with terrific invention, heart, and lots of laughs. Before my eyes there is emerging a highly complex, politically ambitious, passionate, sexy, funny, utterly dysfunctional and very human family who all come home for the holidays.  We are calling to mind, and learning from, other ruling families, like the Roosevelts, Kennedy’s, Bushes and the royal British family today and the Obamas, all of whom have spent their entire lives in the global fish eye.  In this beautifully written play there is a cost to that kind of political and very public lifestyle. We see it all around us and the characters fit our NWCTC family like a glove. I am a lucky director and look forward to every rehearsal. Daisy is enjoying it too so you know that it is going well! See you all  at the theatre! Reserve your seat soon!



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