Richard III Bloopers

The quirks and challenges of live theatre are why we love it. Especially with a show like Richard III that is bursting at the seams with music, props, movement, fighting and other tech elements, things are bound to go wrong and force us to improvise.  Here are some of our favorite moments from performing the show so far that kept us on our toes:

  • Richard sits down so emphatically in his fight with the Woodvilles that he breaks the back off the chair, which then gets tactfully places in Margaret’s cart of knick knacks.
  • Stanley loudly proclaims that “Ted Edward’s Queen” is mourning, when he really mean to say “dead Edward’s queen.” Who is Ted?
  • Queen Elizabeth hits an audience member with her son’s red tricycle while exiting the stage (no one was hurt).
  • Margaret forgets to curse Hastings (eek! Semi-major plot point)
  • When Clarence really got hit in the head with a Mag Light flashlight, resulting in a trip to urgent care and three stitches.
  • Lady Anne uses her funeral procession to seat two late comer audience members.
  • Richard accidentally wears his crown in a scene he’s not supposed to, making it impossible for another actor to later carry it on and reference the fact that he is holding the crown in his hands. Methinks someone is getting too attached to his crown!
  • Richmond kicks Richard in the head during an emphatic speech – it’s a good way to win the battle, it’s just not what Shakespeare intended.

Considering how involved, fast-paced, and complicated this show is, it is truly a miracle that more major errors have not occurred. Perhaps with the exception of getting stitches, these have all been minor and easily-covered glitches that have kept our awareness and energy high for each show. Major thank you to our stage manager Eric Lyness for keeping the show running smoothly.

There are two sold out weekends left of Richard III. If you haven’t reserved a seat, show up at the theatre early (6:30-6:45) enjoy a cookie from Pastrygirl, a glass of wine, and get on the wait list! We frequently have an extra seat at curtain.

See you on the boards!


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