Grant Turner on rehearsing Richard and Lady Anne

September 2, 2013

A great rehearsal today – working on the Lady Anne wooing scene.  First off, it’s Lady Anne ‘s ( actually Brenan Dwyer’s) birthday today. I told her, for her present, I’d let her spit in my face all day!

It’s nice to kind of start the real meat of our rehearsal with this scene. To begin with, we were both for all intents and purposes off book which allowed us to push each other further than if we’d had scripts in hand. And then, the scene it self is so great to play, and gives us so much information about our respective characters that its the ideal leaping off point for the work to come .
Also, as an actor it was a fun challenge to find the physicality of the scene. Anyone who knows me knows I have some intimacy issues. It’s nice sometimes for me to play a character that does things and reacts to things in ways that are foreign to me.  I think I surprised Brenan (and myself too a little bit) when I wrapped my arms around her!
And, Richard ‘s deformity is beginning to take shape. I’m excited to continue to explore what that does to and for me in the coming scenes.
A discovery or point of interest today…
The idea that they’re different sides of the same coin. She is “Gentle Lady Anne” and yet she has access to a tigress in her. He has his “Angry Moods” (like in Tewksbury for example) and yet had access to the heartfelt in her.  As Barry said, it’s as if this Juliet like character has a lady Macbeth side of her and that Richard has a Romeo streak in him.
-Grant Turner

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